All actions are done using mouse.

Your mission is to run the ice cream shop and create make your customers happy.

Carefully read the order sheet and go through 3 stages of making ice cream to serve with the dessert ordered.

The legendary flash game is back and now using new platform, so you can run it on all devices.

About Papa's Freezeria

Papas Freezeria

Papa's Freezeria is one of the most popular games in the whole Papa's Games series where you have to run a desserts restaurant on your own and server customers with ice cream. Your mission is to make every customer happy by making exactly what they ordered by adding the special syrups and mixes as well as adding toppings. It is a cooking game but at the same time it requires some strategy skills not to make mistakes with the orders and to make exactly what your customers ordered. When the dessert is ready, you can serve it to customers who will examine it - if it is good, you will get good review and tips. If not - you customer will be angry and you will loose score. At the beginning of the game the number of customers is not high but as you progress in the game, their number will increase and you may have to make several desserts at the same time - it is very difficult not to make mistakes so your skills are going to be tested to the max.

How To Play Papa's Freezeria

Your ice cream restaurant has 4 stations where you add the special components to the sundaes. At the beginning of the game you will go through the first tutorial order to understand how to make ice cream ordered by the customer. You must understand which ingredients are added at different stages so you can easily serve the customer with the sundae he/she ordered. Keep in mind that the game consists not only from making ice cream - you should also take the orders from the customers and serve them. Papas Freezeria is a really unique cooking game loved by many people all around the world. At our website you can enjoy the HTML5 version of the game which is available on all devices so have fun with us.

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